Wednesday, February 25, 2009

♥It's not just comfortable, it's comforting
like how easily you can make me smile
and knowing that if I say I like chickpeas, you'll respond with "I think you're a chickpea"

It's not safe, it's secure
knowing I can speak without censorship
and if I reach for your hand, it'll be there for me to hold on to

It's everything in between talking about puppies chasing rabbits
and our joint hatred for idiot drivers

It's happily stretching out on a couch entirely too small for two people
and arguing over who'd make the better rock star

It's me wanting baby, pygmy elephants and you laughing at my silly requests
and checking out new places together and showing each other our favorite things

These things are what matters
More than the illusion of romance or the mirages it can create

This is tangible
Made up of your lips and my legs and our sweat
Made up of Chip and Mandarin House and wiping chocolate off Rand's face
Made up of Woot shirts and How I Met Your Mother and The Wire

Made up of little notes on mirrors and "mix tapes"
Made up of shared frustrations and optimistic resolutions

Everyone knows I'd rather live on a cloud,
but I'm glad I at least get to share Reality with you

Thursday, February 19, 2009

♥I love you more than I love myself

my instinct for self preservation takes a backseat to my desire to make you happy -
your smile worth all my efforts

as is your heart
which I long to own
if only so I can protect it
to assure that it is never discontent

and because I still can't sleep
without the warmth of your skin next to mine