Friday, March 23, 2012

♥ i.

we normalize heartache
as if that's the natural state in which our hearts should be

no longer alarmed by breeches of trust
accepting of anything and anyone
broken - not because of any Why, but because of This Just Is

unaware of how much more we deserve to receive and give
"love" becomes just a word we heard in a song once
"happiness" an antiquated notion we read in a fairy tale when we were kids


every time you call me "sweet", I interpret it as you kissing my cheek

I am moved by your tenderness
Your gentle heart is a blessing in a world full of aggression 
A desperately needed reminder that not all is Take Take Take

I dreamed of holding hands 
And I've carried the innocence of that moment ever since
Proof of something greater than what we settle for

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We are unified by nothing other than an unrelenting desire to belong to someone other than ourselves

     Ashamed at what we've let ourselves become
     Seeking redemption in the love of others

You throw the word "love" around like a dagger

     Hoping to embed it into the deepest part of my being
     Hoping it somehow binds you to some truth that doesn't  exist

Cry, scream, forgive...that's become our dance.

Our song nothing more than the sound of a wish slowly fleeting from our lips.