Friday, December 30, 2011


I've grown tired of missing something that has never been mine

          tired of the stolen moments of fantasy in between the reality of our separate lives

There is an ocean between your heart and mine and you don't learn to swim simply on faith

She told me, "You shouldn't give your little bowl of love to just anyone who says they'll treat it with care."  And all I could retort with was, "But his heart is like mine." 

It was more of a whispered wish than a statement of fact.

Heart: You love him.
Brain: You're stupid when you're in love.

Him: I won't hurt you like the others.
Brain: That sounds familiar.
Heart: I am too frail for any of this.
Brain: That is the smartest thing you've ever said.

Stop putting Band-Aids over things that have been shredded into pieces. Stop forcing things to mean more than they actually do. Stop trying to will nothing into existence. Just stop.

Monday, December 5, 2011

♥This is where it ends

With so much potential
     but no where to go from here

And I will miss the sweet sleep your voice gifted me nightly

And my heart will remember how to beat without your warmth

No amount of sorries can mend a broken heart
     as much as I wish they could

After all that could have been
     this is where it ends