Thursday, February 23, 2012

for RB, because I know he cares...

♥ Let's play chicken, see who gives up last
We'll see who can play the better role of martyr
     but I know I will 

I'm not frightened by the tell-tale signs of immaturity
Or by the way your voice gets so loud so quickly

Endure - it's what I was taught to do

And I'll let you smooth things over 
     only to get upset with you again about something with no significance
And maybe this time you'll grow a pair and not accept my apology
     but I know you will

Although I blind myself to your dysfunction, I can feel it
     every time you say "we can work this out"
Sometimes I even mean it when I say we can
Sometimes it's even funny to see how hard we try
     to maintain something we're both in so half-assedly 

We exchange whispered and tepid I Love You
     these words nothing but forced from our mouths

So, yes

This game is set up for me to win
     since at everything else I lose