Sunday, August 30, 2009

♥She told me yesterday that she wasn't always like this
It sounded sincere enough, but, somehow, I just didn't buy it

She says a lot of things I don't buy

Some days I try to give her the benefit of the doubt,
but deep down I know it's just a speech she has probably rehearsed many times before

Probably with other guys
Probably with many other guys many times before

I watch her sleep sometimes and it terrifies me
It terrifies me because I feel an overwhelming need to protect this silly, little liar

It terrifies me to think how often I simply look the other way
And how often I want to believe she's telling the truth

She doesn't lie about small things
They'll all big lies
Lies about her past - how she grew up
Lies about how she never really had any aspirations
I know she's just too proud to admit any failure

She lies about almost everything
But she seems to always believe she's telling the truth

She lies about loving me,
but I know she really does love the small scar on my back

She lies about not being crazy,
but she'll admit all her struggles with depression

She lies about wanting to work things out,
but I know how happy it makes her to make me dinner every night

I think her cooking makes all her lies easier to swallow


  1. What made you write this? I love it. You're talking about me aren't you?! :] You know what I think is funny...that you and I are more a like than different. I love you sis.