Saturday, January 21, 2012

♥ Without you, it's all too bright and blinding
          There is no moon, there are no stars
          Only noises and shouts

I'm disoriented to my very core

And your voice is now somehow different
but, oh, how I love it
          so reassuring and calming

You are so much better than me
          With your steadfast sense of honor and code of honesty
          Always doing the right thing at the expense of what you want

And I stand before you full of impulse and without any self control
Yet you don't judge me
          You only kiss my forehead and tell me that my heart will lead the way
          as long as I am true to it and those around me

You are the part of my soul that is held captive by petty pride and incessant desire 
And deep down I know I don't deserve you or the relief you gift my heart

I know that I have to let go and fade into the chaos of every day without you
          but I just can't fucking sleep without you near

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