Wednesday, October 22, 2008

♥cualquier noticia de ti
significa una tempestad para mi
me destrulles con tu existencia
tu silencio mi salvacion

There's an alternate reality that is created whenever we're together
full of false intimacy and a world of secrets and things left unspoken
If you see my vulnerability, you might run away
so I show you the "me" I think you'll love
the "me" that meets all of your expectations and desires
And I stifle my true self
hide her in shame - she's weak and unlovable
It's worth it as long as I get to stay in this reality with you

If you wanted, I would hand you my heart without question or hesitation
No reasoning, no merit necessary - just because you are you
because my heart prefers the chaos of passion over the stillness of logic
because I am weak and fall victim to the desire to be close to you
Try as I may, I will lose this battle

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