Thursday, October 23, 2008

I had no

Last night I was at the bookstore and found this really beautiful poem in some random anthology. I reached for my bag so I could grab a pen and piece of paper and I realized I did not have either. Me. Without a pen or paper. Without a pen. Yes, it was as crazy as it sounds. Anyway, I bummed a sheet of paper and a pen from a nice couple at the next table. Below are the fruits of my labor. Really, this poem caught me off guard and I must share it.

Botones by Siomara Espana

Tu cuerpo incandescente me persigue
como perro a la espalda de mi abismo
pero solo es el fantasma de tu carne
que devore a prisa cantando con cinismo

Adherido estas, adherido indiferente,
que sera de las tardes sin recato?
tardes de concupiscencia y disparate
tardes rojas, tardes de arrebato

Solo quedan guardados los botones
en la caja azul de hechiceria,
y desde entonces, tu foto sin la mia,
me sonrie y me ladra todavia.


Your body, incandescent, follows me,
like a dog turning its back on my abyss,
but it is just the phantom of your flesh
I gobbled down with acid verse like this.

You're stuck, though quite indifferent, you are stuck,
what will happen to those shameless afternoons
of silliness and of concupiscence,
red afternoons of rapture in red rooms?

Only those buttons now remain with me,
in the blue box of sorceries and spells,
and ever since, your photo without mine,
has smiled back at me and barked, as well.


  1. I just can't believe you didn't have a pen. You usually have about ten with you! -ch

  2. For reals. I was flabbergasted. It shan't happen again - this I avow!